“Beadithis” and me

So, what can I say? I assume, since this site is about beading and my beadwork, you want to know about how I’ve caught the “beadithis”.

Well, it is a quite simple story. Sometime over 10 years ago I ran across a little booklet in a craft shop which had a necklace on the cover that I liked. Hey, I could do this, I thought to myself. Bought the booklet and some Chinese beads (ouch) and made that necklace. It turned out horrible, I have to admit, but that was where my journey in the world of beads began.

It didn’t take long to realize working with Chinese beads was close to impossible. The beads were all different sizes, sometimes even the shape did not match, so I changed to Czech seed beads and pearls (I still use them). It was better, but then as I learned, searched and improved, I explored new techniques which required different and more even sized beads and I landed in the paradise of Japanese beads and Swarovski crystals. Those are my favorite materials to this day.

Basically, I can say that I am a self-taught beader through and through, still in the learning phase. But throughout the years, beading, which started out as a hobby, turned into something much more. Vitally I am not patient person. I hardly can sit in one place for ten minutes (I guess becoming a lawyer was not the best choice for me considering that fact), but somehow when I have my beads the world just fades away and all I have in mind is to create. I am passionate about my beads. Period.

I have to admit that I get inspired by all the amazingly talented fellow beaders and their fantastic work out there, but I try more and more to find my own way, experimenting with colours, beads, techniques.

Today I can say that though I have a long way ahead of me in the beading world I am proud of the pieces I create. No matter if I design something on my own (which is quite hard, it’s like music, almost everything was done before you by someone else) or I weave a design after a pattern. I try to work with the best materials that can be found out there and I pour my heart and soul in every single jewelry that comes out of my hands.

If you join me on my journey, hopefully you will get to know me and my work a little better. You will know how I think about beading and how my creations come to life.

Enjoy “beadithis” with me.



Ps.: It is possible that sometimes you’ll run across some entirely not beading related posts. Since I am a mother of a 3 years old little tornado I am equally passionate about creative and messy play, creating “art” and craft as much as possible together with my daughter. I hope you don’t mind if, from time to time, you join us on our adventures.



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